Thursday, November 8, 2012

Before the Trick or Treat

Being a mother demands a lot of patience and I think more so if you are a mother to a boy. Boys are naturally hardheaded and naughty. My little boy included.

However, there are times when attitude is never a problem, it's just that the world seems to work against your favor. Like last weekend when we went to Johan's first Trick or Treat activity. His outfit has been planned days before, I crammed finishing his Russell, the Wilderness Explorer, uniform up to the day itself.

We left the house early so we arrive early as well, which will give me enough time to prepare Johan. He's been his usual bubbly self while in the car - dancing to music, saying "Stop" and "Go" whenever we pass by traffic lights and pointing to things asking, "As dat?", his own version of "What's that?".

Then we finally arrived at Nuvali where the Trick or Treat will take place, we made a left turn and proceeded to park the car when all of a sudden, the unexpected happened. Johan puked and it was a lot! He's soaked to his underwear and I too had puke in my pants. Johan's been wearing the pair of shorts of his Russell uniform and it's soaked as well! The carefully planned costume was ruined though I was so thankful that I made the right decision of not making Johan wear the shirt (with the neckerchief and the badges) until the last minute before the activity starts. But, his shorts?! And my pants?!

Hubby immediately parked the car on the side of the road so we could clean up. The passenger side of the car has puke all over, Johan has puke all over his face, his shirt and his shorts, I have puke at the back of my pants and people are really staring. I was thisclose to exploding because that's what happens when an OC mom's plans don't push through. I hate my smell, I hate the smell of the car and I hate that Johan's shorts were ruined.

Then I saw my little boy, standing on the side of the road (with puke all over him) looking at me with eyes wondering what's happening. I was so ashamed of myself for even thinking about the car, my soaked pants and his ruined outfit, I forgot to consider how my son might have been feeling at that moment. I immediately cleaned him up, continuously whispering, "Don't worry, it's okay." and dressed him up in a different pair of shorts and his Russell top.

And it did turn out okay, despite me and Johan smelling of puke that entire afternoon. Sometimes, I must learn how to let small things like those from affecting me too much. It isn't worth it and it definitely didn't stop us from having fun that day.

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