Thursday, October 18, 2012

Oral Hygiene 101

When Johan's teeth erupted, I started researching on the best method to introduce oral hygiene to my boy. He's had a total of three different toothbrushes and only used one brand of toothpaste. So far, his favorite brush is this Firefly toothbrush that lights up. I bought this at Watson's for, I think, Php 250.00.

We tried a lot of techniques, believe me, to make the kid enjoy tooth brushing and even if he does enjoy it at times, I cannot honestly say that I've been entirely successful. There are still a few times when I had to hold both of his hands down to be able to brush his teeth. I downloaded a lot of fun videos about tooth brushing that I let him watch, before and during, just so he'll have an idea on what I'm doing.

These days, I instruct my MIL to brush Johan's teeth during bath times and since I'm not home during the week days to know if it's being done and yes, because I'm simply OC this way, I brush his teeth again (twice!) when I arrive home at night.

I still can't say that I have been successful but we're getting there. I am yet to prepare Johan for his first dentist visit and I think I will be more scared than he would be. I don't think I'm prepared to face the stress that his crying will bring. Oh he will cry definitely, I'm sure of that.

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