Monday, October 29, 2012

Bad Nanny

I was so shocked and terribly saddened this morning when I came across this news. A nanny in New York, apparently stabbed to death the two kids that she was paid to look after and tried to commit suicide herself. I can't imagine the horror that Maria Krim, the mother of the kids, had when she arrived home from the swimming lessons of her other child only to find that her two other kids are dead. 

This only made me even firm on not hiring a yaya. This is just one of mine and hubby's worst fears on hiring one. I know most of the yayas here in the Philippines love the children they are taking care of, I was even raised by a number of yayas given that both of my parents were working when I was young. But, times are different now. Before, it was easy to find a good-hearted yaya who who'd love your kids as if they're her own. Now, even the yayas from the agencies cannot be trusted.

We are lucky that we have my mother-in-law living with us to take care of Johan while hubby and I go to work and we have my parents as back-up caretakers should my mother-in-law had to go somewhere.

Maria Krim is a stay-at-home mom who just had to be with her other child that fateful day when tragedy happened. It is best not to judge because we all do not want nor expect bad things to happen to our children when they're out of our sight. I just read more than a few negative comments about Maria Krim and how she's a bad mother for leaving her kids with a nanny. These negative comments doesn't help in any way nor does they ease the grief that the Krim's are going through right now. Let's offer prayers instead of judgement, please.

I am a mom. Though I don't know how it feels how to lose a child, I still get chills in my bones with just the thought of it and I, in all honesty, am not sure how I would cope. I don't even know if I could move on, I'll probably go crazy. I don't really know. That's why I'm praying for Maria and Kevin Krim - I pray that they both be blessed with strength in this time of mourning and hopefully, may justice be served.

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