Thursday, October 20, 2011

Product Review: Vapor Soove

When Johan got sick, there were some nights when my husband and I would stay awake to watch over him. Johan had difficulty in breathing because of his colds and I would, once in a while, use a nasal aspirator to help unclog his nose. I didn't want to use the local vapor rub on him because I think the product is too strong for a small baby. Luckily, I was able to read some great reviews about Vapor Soove and was able to order online and had it delivered immediately.

I tested it on myself at first. The balm does not smell like the local vapor rub but smells more like the well-known White Flower Analgesic Balm that my mother used to put in my bag during field trips in school to get rid of nausea. What's even better is that Vapor Soove does not contain Camphor. Camphor is an aromatic compound that is traditionally used in mothballs and other anti-itch products. Ingesting of Camphor or even absorbing Camphor through the skin may cause neurological and respiratory problems along with seizures.

When I rubbed Vapor Soove on Johan's chest and back, the results were immediate. He breathed easier and was able to sleep through the night. Vapor Soove is so effective that even my husband and I would use it on ourselves whenever we had stuffy noses.

Vapor Soove indeed is a great, natural product that every home should have in their first aid cabinets.

A bottle of 30 grams only costs Php 295 and is available at Pacey's Closet.

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