Friday, October 21, 2011

Mommy Moments – Mommy’s Unforgettable Stories

mommy moments

This week on Mommy Moments, the mommies are sharing some of the unforgettable stories about themselves. I decided to start posting my Mommy Moments entries here in my new blog since this one will concentrate on me being a mom. 

There were a lot to share from my life, mostly stories of strength and family bonds but what I'm going to share is most probably the one story that I will be telling my son (and future kids) over and over. The story of how I knew hubby is the one I'm going to marry.

Hubby and I met in college, we were classmates. Our love story may be considered a whirlwind romance because there was no formal courtship that happened. We just hung out, realized we clicked and as they say, the rest is history. 

Like most girls, I am one who asks for signs. Be it signs that I will pass the exams or that I won't be late. Not surprisingly, I asked for a sign that Deck is the one. One day, just before Deck arrives at my dorm, I asked Mama Mary for some signs - that Deck should be wearing a white shirt or that he gives me a white rose. The first one, the white shirt, is easy. Deck always wear a white shirt and the possibility of that happening on that day is almost 100%. The second sign that I asked, the white rose, now that will be close to impossible. He never gives flowers. 

So, when he arrived. Guess what color his shirt was. A loud, color red! Does he have a rose in his hand? No.

I was so bummed out, I was not myself when we went out for a date. I kept talking to Mama Mary in my head,  I don't want to start over again and meet other guys. I want Deck (my second bf) to be the one.

While strolling the mall, Deck went inside this certain novelty shop. I followed halfheartedly because I didn't know why he suddenly had the interest in stuffed toys and poop-looking thingies. 

Suddenly, he appeared behind me and insisted that I look at something he was holding in his hand. It was a test tube with fluid. I didn't mind it at first but it took my breathe away when I saw what was inside.

There it is. The sign I was waiting for. My single white rose, floating in it's beauty. I don't know what Deck was feeling during that moment but when I looked up at him, his facial expression is so thoughtful, like that of a little boy's. And that's when I knew. I'm gonna marry this guy.

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Chris said...

wow, a sign from heaven?! God does answer our prayers, doesn't He? I also asked God who I would marry and He answered me too.. Though at first, I couldn't believe his answer! :) LOL

thanks so much for sharing your story with us :)

Icar said...

wow, so cute!i almost forgot I also asked for signs with my husband and also with roses...

there's really someone in this world who is meant for us and when we meet him, we just know right?

happy MM!

""rare*jonRez"" said...

Wow!!!! As in super napa-wow ako nito! Ha ha ha. Ang galing naman, sis. Sobrang ganda ng love story ninyo. While you are the type who asks for signs, I am not. I am an answered prayer though, for hubby. And looking back, it feels great to not having missed the chance to ignore the man that asked me to be his wife from God.

Pero ha, I can't get enough of your love story. Super nice talaga! :)

Visiting late for MM! Hope you don't mind. :)


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