Wednesday, October 19, 2011

To dos for the Super Nanay

I cannot really say that I am the Queen of this household because I share the title with my mother-in-law. However, when it comes to making decisions, I would say that I am King.

I decide what makes the grocery list, what to buy from the market and what to cook daily. Recently though, hubby has made it very clear that he wants a different meal every day and we should not repeat the same dish at least for two weeks. Hence, my quest for recipes.

I have turned to my ever-reliable yahoo group, Newlyweds at Work, searched the archives and jotted down what everyone else is cooking at their own homes. Then, I searched for easy recipes at Casa Veneracion, copied and pasted them to a word document and had them printed out.

So far, so good. Though the dish that we cooked today, Pork Spareribs with Honey and Mustard Sauce, is by far the least favorite, I hope that the rest of my chosen dishes will be a huge hit.

I am also planning of redecorating the interiors. Well, I'm planning to just have new curtains made and reupholster the sofa and maybe customize our headboard and add a few pretty touches. I'm sure that'll make a huge difference to our seemingly boring interiors.

The month is almost over and it'll be Halloween in a few weeks and I still have to convince hubby to let Johan come to their company Trick or Treat to let the little boy experience the tradition. I still have to find a costume for my little boy, though and I'm still thinking whether to put up some Halloween decorations or not, I'm worried Johan will get freaked out. Maybe, some pumpkins are enough.

I've got so many things I wanted done that I don't know where to start. Christmas is also just around the corner so that's one more thing up my list. Whew! Aren't we tired already?

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