Tuesday, November 20, 2012

When Your Child Gets Sick

Johan's temperature this morning

Johan's been under the weather since Thursday. His fever has been on and off since and today he's been having loose stools. Even though there's been no drastic change to his hyperactive self, I decided to file for consecutive leaves from work since yesterday until today.

I caught the bug yesterday and was feeling down as well, as I too had a slight fever, but I have to forget about myself and care for my sick child. I was deathly worried that he'd catch the notorious Dengue Virus and I've been on the look out for the usual signs. Thankfully, it's just a sore throat according to Johan's pedia which we saw yesterday and he was only prescribed an antibiotic and a cough medicine. Thank you, Lord!

I've been absent from work for two days straight and for an employee that still has no vacation leaves, two days can mean a big deduction come payroll. I actually lost more than those two days' worth of pay as I'm a performer at work and I'm consistently one of those getting the weekly awards. Since I've been absent, I am no longer qualified to this week's incentive program, neither am I on the list for the perfect attendance bonus come month-end and I can no longer run for our company's monthly valedictorian award. :(

But, if you're a mom and your child gets sick, you'd drop everything in an instant. Nothing means more than the needs of your child and during this time, my son needs me more than anything.

Struggling but still,

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Mom On Duty said...

My little girl is sick too. I work from home, but since I have to attend to my daughter, I lost hours from work. You're right, though. When your child gets sick, you drop everything for them.


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