Saturday, October 20, 2012

Leaving the Kids at Day Care Centers

How many mommies actually leave their kids at the mall day care centers? I am tempted, honestly, just so I could shop in peace, try on some shoes without somebody tugging my hand to go out of the store or choose a few clothes without a little boy playing hide and seek behind the clothes racks.

We did let our son play at the mall day care centers, twice or thrice already, but it is usually with me going inside as well. What keeps me from leaving him alone is fear. I am scared that he'd hurt himself while playing or another kid would hurt him because the attendants might not be paying as much attention as I would have had or worse, he'll be taken away, kidnapped by some bad guys.

Are my fears irrational? Some say I may be like this because my son is too young to be left alone in a day care center but I've heard stories that some moms actually leave their kids as young as one year old. I know that in my case it'll only be for an hour or so while I'm shopping but still I cannot bear the thought of leaving Johan alone. I am constantly reminded of all the bad things that could possibly happen to Johan while I am not around and those possibilities are more than enough reason for me not to leave him by himself at the mall day care centers.

What are your thoughts?

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Kimberley Reyes said...

We also bring our toddler to mall daycare centers. Like you, though, my husband or I go inside with her while the other shops. We are worried about what might happen if we leave her there alone. You'll never know eh.

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