Monday, November 21, 2011

TV Time, when is too much?

I know that there have been countless of discussions when it comes to allowing kids to watch television. I myself have been a witness to how my niece behaves now after allowing her to watch the Nickelodeon channel even before she turned two. Whenever she's in front of the TV, it's like she does not hear anything else other than the program that she's watching.

Now that my son turned one, I'm thinking when is TV time too much?

I am guilty of allowing my son to watch educational CDs as early as 6 months. Now, he loves watching the programs on the BabyFirstTV cable channel and I cannot say that I am very strict when it comes to his TV schedule.

I immediately turn the TV on soon as my son points to it. I know I may be regarded as being defensive when I say I only let him watch the Baby First TV programs and little of Pocoyo, Pororo and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney Jr but honestly, those were the only TV programs that I allow him to watch (well, Eat Bulaga, a local noontime show, is his favorite, too).

I am aware of the many advantages of educational programs, videos and music to children. These will help them develop many skills, introduce the kids to English, the basic shapes, colors, the letters of the alphabet. But, I am also aware of the many disadvantages of too much TV time - lack of interest in physical activities, kids who watch too much TV are likely to become overweight, reserved or unsociable.

I'm sure that things in our household will be different once my son start school which will be years from now but slowly I will minimize his TV time and introduce more active games and activities that he will enjoy yet learn a lot from.

How about you? When do you think TV time is too much?

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