Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Hardest of All

I'm sure most moms, if not all, will agree with me when I say that the hardest times of being a mother is when our child is sick.

Johan is better now, he hasn't vomited since Sunday night and his poop is looking a little normal today. He is his normal hungry self munching on apples, taking bites of banana and biscuits. I couldn't be thankful enough that finally we're nearing the end of his "worst" days.

The days when he's at his sickest and vomited more than five times were also my worst of days. It was during this time that I whispered to him, "Give it to Mommy please. Make Mommy sick instead of you". Thinking back, I realized it was probably not the best idea because how can I take care of him when I am sick, right? But, that time, all I cared about was ridding him of the vomiting spells, the endless pooping and the hard time of taking his medicines.

What mom won't take the place of her kid in times of sickness? I was praying really hard for Johan to get well and that it won't reach the point where we need to have him admitted in the hospital. I don't know how I would handle it if an IV drip needs to be placed on him. I might lose all control and shout expletives or physically hurt the nurse should the needle don't get inserted on the first try.

Ah, motherhood. It truly is not the easiest of jobs and I've only been in it for a year. Still got a looong way to go.

Johan, please don't get sick anymore.

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