Friday, October 14, 2011

The Realization of my Dreams

When I was four, I dreamed of becoming a pediatrician so "I can take care of children."
When I was ten, I dreamed of becoming a president so "I can rule the country."
Twenty years later, I am a "pediatrician" with no degree, taking care of a son.
I am a "president" ruling the small country that is our home - with the garden weeds, the dirty kitchen tiles and unswept living room floor yelling for my attention.
Yes, my dreams came true, more or less in the same sense taken in a whole lot different perspective.

This blog is the realization of my dream of becoming a blogger mom. I know I am not an expert, neither do I think of myself as near-perfect. I only pray that through this medium I'd be able to reach out to other moms, who like me, are cautiously picking their way to motherhood.

Cheers to all mothers!

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